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The Best Things To Use To Furnish a Tiny Home Short Term Rental: Bed, Bathroom & Beyond Edition

When we decided to build a tiny home to use as a short term rental, we knew we wanted to create an experience for our guests that was as comfortable as a high-end hotel, as cozy as a mountain cottage at Christmas and as functional as an Ikea utensil drawer.  (that’s super functional right?)  The wheels in my creative, interior designer brain started turning and the research began.  When hubby said, “So, do you wanna like, go to some garage sales or something?” I was slightly offended, maybe curious wondering why type of furniture I would have him drag home to refurbish, but ultimately, the answer was no.  This might be the opposite of what many people feel the tiny home movement is, but to me, The Whispering Birch was going to be a pristine, high level experience for anyone who stayed. A month before we were set to open, it was time to get everything in order.  I left this too long, should have started ordering sooner and we pushed the opening a week because it don’t come together th

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